Can CBD Oil be beneficial for your dog?

If your dog suffers with Joint pain, inflammation, anxiety, nausea or cancer? then the answer may be a resounding YES.

 Legal in all 50 states, CBD is a natural compound that’s safe, reliable and non-psychoactive—in other words, it’s not going to make your dog high. Some pet parents may be hesitant to give their dog CBD oil, as it’s commonly associated with marijuana. But think of hemp as marijuana’s safe cousin.

Here at Victory Canine we are committed to continually research various “natural” products that can improve our furry friend’s quality of life. CBD oils and compounds are recent additions as ways to improve our dog’s lives. As we research the various products available, we will then assign our "Paw of Approval"


CBD oil  is a compound derived from the hemp plant called cannabidiol or CBD for short, thus the name. This compound is also found in medical marijuana and is the reason behind some of its miraculous benefits. CBD is a derivative of the hemp plant and because of this, it is also THC free which is what makes it nontoxic for dogs. THC can be a toxic thing for dogs which is why medical marijuana is not an option for our pooches, but CBD which has less than .03%, when extracted the proper way, is a safe alternative that works naturally with the body naturally and produces a multitude of benefits that seem amazing and this is because they are amazing, things like inflammation reduction, anxiety reduction, reducing seizure symptoms, and fighting bad cancer cells in the body just to name a few.


Inflammation Reduction

If your dog suffers from joint pain, CBD oil helps to reduce inflammation everywhere in the body. That’s because endocannabinoid receptors target areas in the body experiencing pain due to inflammation, damaged nerves, and injury.

It’s important to remember that CBD oil isn’t a cure for arthritis, but it can ease inflammation caused by worn down cartilage. You’ll also find it interesting that CBD oil is often used after surgery to ramp up the immune system, as well as during injury recovery. Basically, it’s a great well to help your senior dog feel better and stay active.


Anxiety Reduction

Life can be anxious for dogs—especially senior dogs. Your dog may not take changes in situations or environments in stride like he used to, or his behavior may change as he grows older. Just like it helps with inflammation, CBD oil targets the endocannabinoid system, which helps the body balance emotions. CBD oil initiates chemical transmissions between receptors that help a dog feel calm during stressful times. You’ll find it beneficial when dealing with separation anxiety, phobias, and general anxiety.


Suppresses Nausea

One of the powerful benefits of hemp and CBD is its ability to stimulate appetite. And for dogs who are battling illness, this is important. Food and nutrients are essential for a healthy dog, as they need both to gain strength to fight illness, even when the illness may cause nausea. If your dog can’t eat, they’ll grow weak and become even more vulnerable to the illness they’re battling.

CBD oil triggers the sensation of hunger, which helps with nausea or a general weariness. By keeping their food down, dogs are able to absorb nutrients that keep their bodies strong and healthy.


Fights Cancer

CBD oil works wonders for appetite and nausea, but that’s not all it can do for senior and younger dogs who suffer from cancer. It’s been shown that hemp can slow cancer growth while reducing the negative side effects that are caused by common cancer treatments.

Using CBD oil to alleviate pain and promote overall well-being for your dog is something more pet parents are catching on to.





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